Happy Holi Festival

Happy Holi Festival
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Happy Holi Festival

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What is Holi?

The day after Holika bonfire is celebrated as Holi. In Braj region of India, where Krishna grew up, the festival is celebrated for 16 days (until Rangpanchmi) in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna, a Hindu deity. The festivities officially usher in spring, with Holi celebrated as festival of love.

When is Holi festival in 2015?

In 2016, the festival will be celebrated on March 23. However the specific date of Holi Festival can vary from year to year, as it’s observed on the full moon day of Phagun (12th) month in Hindu calendar, which usually falls at the end of February or early March.

What happens during the festival of Holi?

Holi is the Hindu celebration of spring. Holi is a major festival in the Hindu religion. It is celebrated on the day after the last full moon of the Hindu month of Phalguna. Phalguna falls between late February and early March in Western calendars.

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