Shri Krishna Mahabharat Wallpaper

Shri Krishna Mahabharat Wallpaper
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Shri Krishna Mahabharat Wallpaper

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Mind blowing facts about Mahabharat:

1. “1. Krishna rode a chariot that was heavily potent and once when Arjun was done with the war, Krishna asked him to get off the chariot first and then he got off. As soon as he got off, the chariot exploded in a huge fireball. That’s when he explained to Arjun why he asked him to get off the chariot first. All the fires, missiles and arrows directed towards Arjun’s Ratha was stopped by Shree Krishna himself to protect Arjun but since the purpose of all these arms was to detonate, it was done after Shree Krishna moved out from the Ratha.”
2. “Hastinapur (of Bharat Varsha) was the most opulent and developed place in the history of mankind during Mahabharat’s time. It had all the resources that a civilized state comprises of: dams, artificial ponds, irrigation, monuments, temples and learned Sages.”
3. “Sahadeva (the youngest Pandav) knew everything about the future. He knew that a war was going to occur, but he kept silent because he was under a curse that if he revealed anything to anybody he would die.”
4. “Arjun’s ‘pilgrimage’ for breaking his marital laws with Draupadi earned him three more wives. They were Chitrangada (Manipura), Ulupi (Naga) and Subhadra.”
5. “Arjun was unable to defend the wives of Krishna from common robbers after Krishna’s departure to Vaikuntha. His bow became heavy and he forgot all his mantras. The 8 main wives committed suicide. The others were kidnapped by robbers.”

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